PI3 that I call GAME has a SanDisk Pixtor SDXC 64 GB with the latest Raspberry OS on it. 1. All Raspberry PI's have VNC viewer enabled (a must when you are working with 4 of them). 2. Tried VLC viewer as camera server, but was unreliable. Found info on UV4L Video4Linux raspicam driver after about 15 hours troubleshooting camera issue. All camera's are PI camera V2 8MP. Raspi-config option for memory split set to highest for GPU (256MB). 3. Resolution set to 720×480 at varied fps. 4. Clementine replaced Kodi as my personal music server when in the domino staging area. Kodi had security issues is what I found out.

PI3 that I call WIDE has the same OS, memory card and camera set up as GAME. This is to be the live audio serving computer and the wide camera images, but can't find an audio input board, and believe me I have been looking. Throughput is a factor in needing a board and not using usb.

PI Zero(W) that I call ROVER is mounted on the r/c Desktop Rover. Had issues with getting the Wifi to work. Wrote 2 images before getting it to work with Jessie on a 16GB Micro SD card. Tried motionEyeOS in between, but did not work. Feel good about all using UV4L raspicam drivers and memory split all set to the highest option. 15 fps at 720×480 on this one. Amazingly small and keeps up with its bigger brothers. Battery is ordered. Docking station design is still pending at the time of this entry.

PI model B revision 2 is used for relay control. 32GB memory card used along with a 4 relay board from Robogaia and the server software they make available. They made me a custom Python script to make the relays momentary and not latching, but I had a hardware solution in place thanks to my obsession to get it to work the way I needed it to.

Sony VGN-UX180P had a CPU fan that was no longer available. I needed a computer to run Plantraco Telecommander software and the Sony fit the bill. I tore it apart and used one of the heatsinks being used for my Raspberry PI3 boards in an attempt to keep it running cool. I also have 2 socket 775 CPU fans being used to help keep it cool.

Web-server is on a Raspberry PI3 with SanDisk Pixtor SDXC 64 GB for the operating system and a Samsung EVO 128GB micro sdxc memory card used for the servers root directory (transfer speeds up to 100MB/s)

OpenElement 1.57 R9 is being used to create the web pages. It is a far cry from Microsoft Frontpage used 12 years ago to build the pages for my site. Taking me awhile to get the hang of it and satisfied with the results so far.

01.23.19 Link to continued information about this site:

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