It was jumping the gun thinking I could launch this when I did. Forgot that local IP addresses won't translate to the public world wide web. That means now my cameras have to have unique port numbers. Found a security issue also not password protecting my camera config pages. Three nights of obsessive craziness until I learned what “comment out” means when it comes to modifying config files. Solved my issues listed above. Today I should have 2 cameras available on the world wide web.


Three cameras up on the public webpage now. Seems the batteries and audio card deliveries have been delayed. Audio and battery pack are the last items on my objective list.


Rover should be ready now, it advanced 10 paces before the battery ran down. Images were clean compared to years ago when they would fuzz out some when the car advanced. Thinking the battery was not fully charged. I need to find a power supply in my stock pile of power supplies to keep the standby battery charged and ready. Telecommander software is set to run 45 paces forward.


4.8 volt batteries 2100 mAh ordered for this today (one as a charged backup). Docking station wiring is still pending. Microphone input board for WIDE needs to be found somewhere in the universe. Have a request into a company today. May end up using usb input for microphone, not settling for that just yet. Automatically enable HTTPS on your website with EFF's Certbot, deploying Let's Encrypt certificates… they make is sound easy. Have not had success with this yet. Want a link to a guest book or something similar for those who want to leave a comment.


Need to populate the image gallery when images become available.


Found an audio card and ordered it this morning. $15.00 with shipping.

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