Thinking of bringing Domino Topple back from ten plus years ago, but with all Raspberry PI computers. One PC (software specific). One Raspberry Zero-W computer. Giving the website a complete makeover.

π RASPBERRY PI3 (WIDE) 1. Wide picture. 2. Streaming wide angle camera.

π RASPBERRY PI3 (GAME) 1. Game specific camera 2. Streaming camera on game. 3. Staging area music.

π RASPBERRY ZERO W (ROVER) 1. Streaming Wifi camera for desktop rover.

π RASPBERRY PI3 (AUDIO) 1. Streaming live game audio.

π RASPBERRY PI3 1. Act as public website server.

π RASPBERRY Model B rev 2 1. Act as public relay array server.

§ SONY VGN-UX180P 1. Needed for Telecommander software to control desktop rover.

Γ DESKTOP ROVER 1. Releases from docking station after dominoes fall.

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