Function + F8 is all I had to do to get monitor to switch. Thanks World Wide Web! Getting visitors is next challenge. It's that I want visitors, for sure, but not too many or I will be spending all my time setting up dominoes…


Seems the relay server stops after some days. The board has GPIO pins for the older Raspberry PI's. I will have to nurse it along until another option presents itself.


I increased the power supply to the Raspberry Model B that serves the relay control and it still lasted all of 1.5 days before it stopped. I just stopped overclocking the CPU to see if that helps. I also ordered another Raspberry PI 3 to replace the Model B. I hope that will fortify this weakest aspect of my renovated site. Shut down GAME Raspberry before removing a 2TB usb drive and when attempting to boot up again, something glitched and it would not boot. Wished I had back up images of all my Raspberry's, but I don't so I re-created the whole drive image from scratch and after 40 minutes I was done.


Set the RELAY computer up as a RPI 3B now. The sever program would stop after a few days before on the MODEL B earlier Raspberry. I set off the chain reaction last FRIDAY with some workmates as we were waiting for our contact person to arrive at our job site. Two issues found: 1) the ROVER did not travel very far and 2) it's camera images did not change. As for issue 1 the battery pack was not fully charged I suspect and issue 2 may have been because one camera was set for 30 fps and it should have been 10fps. Hogged up the bandwidth so the last cameras images (Rover) were edged out.


Knocked domino's over this morning with one click. I was testing the relay server running on the new Raspberry PI3. Relay server seems more reliable, but time will tell. Discovered the ROVER camera power source needed to come in from the other side in order for the ROVER to make the curve at the corners. UV4L streaming server options made that modification possible because now the camera is turned 180 degrees. The domino dealers or tractors or as I call them… domino put puts are 10 to 12 years old and were used when I got them at thrift stores. The 6 that I have are not getting the job done setting up the dominoes. I will look into seeing if they are still available.


Yikes! The relay server went offline again. I found a server that uses NODE JS and an interface that lists all GPIO pins. I think I can make that work because the relay board manufacturer provides schematics. They recommended to me to have their provided server auto restart with a program every few days with a Cron job. I am not versed in that and it makes more sense to find a server that stays up and running.


Seems once relays are accessed a few times the server stops and has to be restarted. Got my work cut out for me this weekend setting up a different web server and interface for the relays.


Did not get to another RELAY SERVER option this last weekend. Have been keeping a close eye on the server running now and it has not failed. Even showed my site to a fellow workmate and later when home the RELAY SERVER is still up. Been kinda waiting for it to go south before I tackle a whole new web interface and make the adjustments to my main index.htm page.


Changed over to another web interface for the relay controls. One reason for my delay is that I knew the graphics would not be the same size. A wee bit of scrolling solves that problem.


The web interface and the NODE JS server for the relay control seems to be stable after some rockiness at the beginning. I monitor it once a day by moving the ball around on the plate. I used a JAVA based relay control server and web interface all those years ago and had good success with it.

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