No batteries or audio card found on my doorstep yet.


Microphone circuit board arrived, but I need it to stand off the main board farther to clear the heatsink. Ordered a 40 pin header extender, arriving 12-09-17. Hope to make audio happen with FFMPEG/FFSERVER.


Stacking header finally arrived for the audio card, but the pins are not long enough. Ordering a different stacking header. Batteries arrived and the site should be operational minus the sound.


Second sound card (board) header stack arrived today. Have to say I was excited that this is the last piece of my website while I was working on following the install directions, but the directions did not match. What I saw in my config file and in the end the board is not working. I have had success hearing back from the manufacturer, so I contacted them and I am waiting to hear back. I also ordered some art infused with aluminum to hang as maybe a focal point for the camera that gives a WIDE angle image. It portrays dominoes—what else would you expect.


Getting an audio server to work has become one of the biggest challenges. I ordered a $30.00 audio injector board when I began to have doubts about the $15.00 board I ordered. I already have an option with the camera server I am using now, it is set to use the default audio card. The 15.00 board is the default and I was able to get sound output from the LINE OUT port, but microphone capture not working. My site from years ago had a counter that indicated how many days since the last game winner. I will consider that again once more site traffic occurs.


Second audio board arrived yesterday. Worked without one hitch. It's a built in mircophone so I wondered about it's range, but so far it seems great! www.audioinjector.net/rpi-hat. Thought I was home free, it works great over my local area network, not so much connecting from the world wide web. Going to have to make it a secure website and or webpage I guess. Happily I have made some progress understanding how that works with self-signed certificates and keys. The whole site being secure, on the other hand, remains a challenge. Got audio to work with one webpage being kind of secure. It's secure enough to make it work after all I am not looking for credit card information. The problem is that camera and audio from the same Raspberry PI is not ideal for this application, so I will have to get another RPI to handle the audio. I will use some of my year end bonus money for my forth RPI3.


My Windows XP software started to not boot fully. I could in safe mode and restored to an earlier restore point, but no dice. The heat sink wouldn't stay on the proccessor either so I opted to ditch the Sony micro computer. Took a long time to set up another computer with XP. Kills me that it takes so long. I am used to Linux Puppy and the Raspbian used for Raspberry PI. I have Windows 10 also with 16 speedy GB of ram. Set up audio on a Rasberry by itself, but it seems video has to be part of the stream. Oh well, what's one more camera added to the mix. I hoped to have everything working before the 1st of the year. Audio is all that is pending.


I ran to Micro Center today and purchased another camera. I was able to get sound through my cell phone!!!. Sounds much like success when I hear those relays fire. The old (legacy) Dell wants to have the monitor on all the time. I am sure it is due to my hacking of a mouse (computer mouse, don't alert PETA). Purchased a $25.00 refurbished monitor to remote my laptops desktop to, but I only got as far as duel monitors. The long and the short of it is that I reached the goal of getting all to work by the end of the year.

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